7 Everyday Practices Everyone Can Start to Help Clean Up Our Environment

Pollution is part of what is killing our planet. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and even noise pollution has very adverse effects on the planet. You may think that it is too big a problem for you to solve, but you’re wrong. We all can do our little bit every day to help clean up the planet and live in a healthier environment. Here’s how:

Use your wooden stove less. Wooden stoves tend to cause bad air pollution due to large amounts of smoke. Energy-efficient appliances will be a cleaner option.

Use less harmful chemicals. Housecleaning chemicals and pesticides can be very harmful to the environment. You can make green versions of these cleaning chemicals with normal household products. These mixtures do not negatively affect the environment.

Use less electricity. Use less electricity and try to use mostly environmentally friendly appliances. Switch off and unplug electrical appliances and devices that are not being used. Make use of alternative energy sources, like solar power, if you can.

Walk or ride a bike. Drive your car less and rather opt to walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation. This will reduce pollution, energy consumption, and possibly give you some exercise.

Recycle what you can. Paper, glass, plastic, and tin can all be recycled. Many shopping censter, schools, or churches have bins for this specific purpose. Drop these off where they can be recycled. You can also recycle many packaging materials and old clothes by making household items, bags, hooks, plant carriers, etc.

Be energy efficient. Buy environmentally friendly appliances, keep your thermostat low, and buy halogen light bulbs instead of incandescent ones. Ensuring your house is properly insulated and your windows have no leaks will reduce your use of heating appliances.

Buy local produce. Buying local produce means that less transportation is involved and has less air pollution as a result. Choose organic foods that do not use harmful pesticides. You can also grow your own vegetables and herbs in your garden.

These are simple everyday things that all of us can do to help protect and clean up our planet. It will take you no more time than it does now, it’s just smarter and greener living.

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