4 My Earth welcomes all our environmentally inclined readers. We are a magazine featuring information, developments, tips, and calls to action. The environment is what keeps us alive. Mother Nature gives us life and we need to look after her. 4 My Earth believes it is the duty of every person on the planet to help conserve nature and keep our environment healthy.

4 My Earth has a team of 10 people who write, edit, compile, and curate the articles for this magazine. We are all passionate about what we do and we love hearing from our readers. Our focus is on informing people about the current environmental issues and how they influence human living. We also focus on ways to relieve the pressure of overpopulation and excessive energy use.

We are not a negative magazine in any way. We look to the future, the positive, and the resolutions to problems. We talk about the problems of the Earth, but we aim to improve or fix them, not dwell on them. If you have a similar approach to our environmental issues and also want positive results, you have come to the right place.

We hope that by informing, educating and offering tips and practical steps to help the environment, we can enable more people to take responsibility. Our Earth needs us. It is time to step up.