Four Essential Tips for Growing Zucchini

One of the most popular home grown summer squash all over the world is the Zucchini. This is because of its wide range of culinary purposes, prolific production, and easy-to-grow capabilities made it popular. If you look at your neighbors garden, you’ll probably find a lot of zucchini’s out there along with other vegetables.

Even though zucchini is a plant that’s easy to grow, there are still a few things that you should take into consideration to help you throughout the planting process. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Direct Sow

  • If you’re in a place with a rapid growing zone such as 6a and above, then you can try direct sowing your seeds. If you’re located with a growing zone that’s less than 6a, then it’s still okay to direct grow your zucchini seeds. However, you may want to start growing these seeds inside your home especially on shorter growing season times.
  • Leave Some Space

  • If you plant your zucchini seeds close to each other, there are chances that they’re going to develop a fungal disease once they grow. So make sure to leave some space between each seed at least thirty inches apart. This allows air to move freely around the plants which help reduce fungal disease such as powdery mildew to show up.
  • Move Them Around Each Season

  • Destructive insects such as squash bugs, stink bugs, and squash vine borers love eating zucchini plants. These insects are harmless to humans but they always have their eyes on zucchinis. They will rapidly suck the life out of your plants in just a matter of days. If you don’t like to use insecticides to spray on your plants, then one way to prevent these bugs out is moving your plants around from one season to the next. This trick is useful not just for zucchini, but also for other crops as well.
  • Only Harvest Them at The Ideal Size

  • Zucchinis can grow fast, as in really fast. A two-inch zucchini today can become a foot and a half tomorrow. Growing is not a joke when it comes to zucchinis so it’s better to keep a lookout on them from time to time. The ideal growth size for harvest of a zucchini is twelve inches. Even if it’s a fast growing plant, zucchini needs to be fed in order to produce. A high quality fertilizer combined with a compost tea should be enough. Don’t be surprised if there are only a few zucchinis showing up after a couple of days. Most of them will take weeks to show up in bunches so be patient.

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