Go Green During the Holidays with The Following Tips

Christmas season is one of the most beautiful time of the year and its one way to cut loose and have fun before the year comes to an end. You’ll be greeted with family gatherings, friends coming over to our house for parties, and lots of drinking and fun. Spicing up your home by decorating it with Christmas ornaments is definitely a must. But wait! You must be mindful of the environment also even if it is Christmas.

Celebrating a green holiday can not only benefit you, but also the environment as well. Listed below are a few tips to help you get started on your green holiday journey.

  • Buy an Artificial Tree

  • While real Christmas trees are lovely to look at, artificial trees are more cost efficient and it also means you’re saving the forest one tree at a time. Having an artificial tree also saves you the hassle of watering it regularly, the clean-up, and the disposal of the tree when the new year comes.
  • Reuse Those Wrapping Paper

  • Don’t throw those wrapping paper away after opening those gifts. You can recycle them instead to use in the near future. If you have any spare wrapping paper that you haven’t used, then save them for the next Christmas season.
  • Do a DIY Present

  • Making your own presents can give your family an impression that you did all of those from the heart. You can find a lot of DIY videos online in just a simple YouTube search. Create a beautiful scrapbook for your sister or replace your dad’s old wallet with a new one that’s crafted from your own hands.
  • Shop Locally

  • If DIY is not your thing, then you can still stay green during the holidays by shopping at local stores around your town. Are there any local artists in your town? Then purchase their artworks to share with your family and friends. This saves you a ton of cash from shipping fees on online shops that are quite costly.
  • Do Outdoor Adventures

  • Instead of spending the holidays inside your home throughout the whole season, why not take your family to the local state park, or into the beach to get that much needed “nature time”. The weather can be a bit cold, so don’t forget to inform the whole family to wear the right clothing before going out.

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