How Renewable Green Energy Can Help IT Data Centers

Renewable energy plays a big role in our lives and it comes in different aspects and forms. Same goes with technology as it also continues to evolve every day. With that being said, data centers are increasing in size and their use of electricity, which will lead to sky high operating costs exponentially. This is why incorporating renewable green energy is important to transform these data centers into green IT data centers.

So how do we know if a data center is called a green IT data center? First of all, it contains green technology that can either by operated in full or partial mode using renewable energy. Second, their components are designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. Which means all of their monitors, printers, CPUs, and storage uses biodegradable materials that’s beneficial for the environment. Even though green IT data centers run renewable energy, it is important to note that it is not 100% green since the power may not be used effectively because its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) will be high.

A question comes into mind when building a green IT data center: Which renewable energy should be used in order to run the green IT data center? To help you with that, The Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC) in the US provides access to information needed by data centers to help them choose which renewable energy source suits best for their machines. They provide tools for different renewable sources like biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind energy. Different parts of the US use different kinds of renewable sources but there are areas that only suits them with one kind of renewable source too.

Renewable Green Energy is costly, as a result, data centers that use 20% of its total energy from renewable sources is called green IT data center. However, this percentage can change from time to time especially when data centers will embrace the use of green technology and are willing to produce green energy on the long run. Here are some examples of green renewable sources:

  • Solar

  • – is one of the most popular renewable energy source. It uses the sun to capture energy which is then converted into electricity with the help of solar panels. For data centers, Photovoltaic energy is the preferred source of renewable power that comes into mind. Solar thermal is also another form of solar energy that’s gaining popularity that’s suited for large, mega data centers.
  • Wind

  • – is the most cost-technology renewable source to date which is also suited for large data centers. However, this tech is not offered directly for data center use. You have to sign up with an agreement with Wind farm energy producers in order to use this piece of tech.
  • Hydro

  • – is the preferred renewable energy source for large data centers that are residing near hydro energy plants. The existence of a hydro power station in an area is the key to attract large data centers to use this kind of tech.

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