We’ll See Green Energy Taking Over Fossil Fuel in The Next 400 Years. How Will This Change Affect Our Global Warming Problem?

An MIT Technology article stated that it will take 400 years to completely transform our energy system into something greener and eco-friendly. What’s even worse is that renewable energy is not replacing fossil fuel in the meantime, but rather supplementing it.

If you take a guess about the percentage of the world’s energy consumption from renewable sources, you may don’t want to keep your hopes up. If you’re thinking about double digit numbers, then don’t be surprised about the results. In reality, the actual percentage of the world using renewable energy is 1.5%. This is even a combination of renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tidal, and ocean energy. The figure came from a Paris-based International Energy Agency, a consortium of thirty countries that monitors energy progress worldwide.

Hydro power isn’t included in this figure since the development of hydroelectricity is growing slowly, and most of the world’s best dam sites are being taken down. Biofuel and waste was also left out in the list too since most of the materials used for biofuels are made from wood through deforestation especially in poorer countries, which is not beneficial to the environment.

This is an example that some renewable energy sources are not displacing fossil fuel, but rather supplementing it. In fact, the U.S Government’s own Department of Energy didn’t even take notice to whatever projects they’re making which can rise fossil fuel consumption once 2050 comes. This will lead to a climate catastrophe in the near future.

However, the MIT article suggested that a total society mobilization akin to what happened during World War II should be maintained for decades to fully transition our energy use and avoid catastrophic climate change.

There are still people today that are alive back then where world war II had happened. These people may have an idea how this mobilization process actually works. It’s hard to think that this group had agreed that their household consumption should be curtailed significantly for decades to create a way for big societal investments. Investments such as wind and solar deployments, electricity storage, mass transit, deep energy retrofits for buildings, energy efficient vehicles, and even diet regimens that contains less meat. What’s more is that our society today that are not even involved in World War II had embraced these things to use for today’s modern standards.

The problem here is that climate changes does not wait. It can happen anytime without notice. The greenhouse gases that were released many years ago is the result of our world temperature today. If not avoided, it can go on for many years. There’s still time to make the right difference as long as you’re willing to do so to avoid this catastrophic change. If you’re that person, then it’s time to create change starting from yourself.

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